Enter Bank Messages


I am a bit stuck. I have programmed the MC8 to select one particular expression pedal message (Pedal 3, Message 1) when entering the bank. There are 4 different expression pedal messages in total, and unfortunately all of them are active every time I enter the bank. Other presets in the bank let me select the particular expression pedal messages when pressed and those work perfectly, so the problem seems to lie with the ‘select when entering the bank’ command.

Does it matter how the bank is entered? It is always entered via a bank jump command instead of manually.

Hope this makes sense, let me know if you need more information.

Thanks, ASBM

I think there might be a bug there, for the Bank Preset Select Exp message. I have fixed it in the v3.8.0 beta firmware: Release Beta Firmware v3.8.0 · Morningstar-Engineering/MC8-MIDI-Controller · GitHub

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Thanks! I will try this out this evening.