[Enhancement request]Engage Preset could accept 'Current Bank' as destination bank

I frequently use some of the non visible Presets (Q,R,S,T,U,V) in my MC8s to store ‘utilities’ which I Engage from the other presets in same bank. Nice.
But if I decide to move the full bank to another slot, all my ‘local’ Engage Preset get lost and I must update every preset which is using them.

So being able to input ‘Current Bank’ keyword would avoid these fastidious updates when moving banks.



Ok makes sense, I’ll check it next week


Thanks, it would not be a luxury. Yesterday I spent 3 hours rearranging my banks and fixing all the ‘local’ engage now pointing to their last bank location.
Then I did a functionnal real life test, just to discover I have to move again some of them and not forget to fix every ‘local engage preset’, hell…

Adding the ‘Current bank’ destination for engage would be the more elegant way to fix the problem, but there could also be ‘another more powerful solution’ which, when a bank is moved, would compute the ‘distance’ of each Engage bank preset and fix them accordingly :

  • for local engage the distance would be 0 and the new bank will be the new bank at current position,
  • for other banks the new bank number will be computed adding the positive or negative distance.

And it could also apply to the ‘Jump to Bank’…

Hi @james , I see CurrentBank in the last editor, is it implemented on the firmware, thanks ?

Just updated the firmware in the beta thread