Engaging Shift Function & Reverting Display to Last Known State

I recently got my MC6 Pro and I’m trying to get my head around how I can utilise a switch for two positions and a shift function for the Chase Bliss Mood MKII.

In this instance I’m trying to understand it by setting it up as per the below. But point 4 is where I am stuck.

  1. Toggle wet channel on and off (position 1 and 2)
  2. Long press to go into shift mode
  3. Single press to engage looper channel while in shift mode
  4. After engaging looper channel return display it’s state before engaging the shift toggle

When I come out of shift mode it’s not displaying that the wet channel switch was last engaged. It goes back to display the text from position 1 even though the pedal is in position 2 (wet channel on). Video: https://youtu.be/I5-1rFZV6hI

Am I missing something, or is it just not possible?

I’d like to understand this because the next thing I want to do is mimic the default function of the Mood’s switches where you hold them down to go into freeze or overdub mode. Then when you release it goes back to showing the pedal is on. I think that should be more of less the same except I add long press release in shift state to disengage.

Thank you

you’ve set the action to toggle the preset to ‘press’. Try ‘release’ instead.

I believe that the MC executes the ‘press’ action first if you perform the ‘long press’. The preset is toogled to position 1 and goes into shift.
It’s generally the best practice not to use ‘press’ and ‘long press’ together in a single preset.

Thanks for your help! I got a similar thing working where tapping the switch toggles the wet channel on and off and a long press turns on freeze until it’s released - and from there keeping the wet channel on. It’s pretty much the functionality I was looking for.

Ideally I’d have the display show the pedal is in “freeze” mode when long pressed. But I could not get that working (I tried doing it where a long press sets shift mode). But that did not work (setup below). I guess it’s not possible - right?

Hi, might be possible. The thing is that the display changes always on ‘release’, I believe. If you programm the ‘freeze on’ command on ‘long press’ with position ‘both’ and the ‘freeze off’ with position ‘shift’ on ‘press’ while setting the ‘set toggle’+ ‘shift’ to ‘long press release’.
The effect would be active if you lift your foot and would deactivate with a press action.
Mmsg 7 in your screenshot is redundant btw. You don’t need that

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Got it. I’ll stick to my original solution without the label change. Thanks for your help