Engaging loop of ML10X is not working if previous preset does not include loop

Having a MC06 Pro connected via MIDI with an MLX10

To reproduce:

  • Create a preset with an action of type “Engage selected Loop” with the corepsonding device ID (in our case 1) and the given loop that should be engaged

Expected behavior:
When selecting the preset on the MC06 Pro, the selected loop at the MLX10 should be engaged.

The loop ist not engaged, if it was not a part of a previous preset.
E.g. select a preset with A+, D+, D- before.
Then select a preset that is e.g. toggling D- - this is working.

But when the preset before were configured only for A+ and D+, nothing will happen when using the toggling preset of D-.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi. Yes, that is the expected behaviour. You can only toggle on/off loops that are included in a preset. If not, the loop simply doesn’t exist at all.

Ok thank you for your quick response.

Felt like a bug.

If the loop is not included in your preset, the ML10X will not know which position to place it in when you engage it.