Engage previous preset

The ‘Engage Preset’ message is awesome but doesn’t quite cover my situation… I’m new(ish) to the MC6 so forgive me if this is already possible, but I coudn’t see a way to do this.
I’d find it very useful if there was an Engage Previous Preset message which would act just like Engage Preset but instead of needing to define which preset to engage, it just engages the previous preset used.

I find myself needing to engage to a preset for an amount of time and then return to the previous preset (which can be one of a few) at a precise point whilst playing fairly complicated music - this is much easier and less error prone if I could just tap the same switch my foot is already on to return, rather than needing to find a different switch.

If I’m on Preset A and go to Preset D and want to go back to Preset A by tapping the D switch again, that’s easily doable by having D as a toggle and using Engage Preset in position 2.
If I also need to go from other presets to D and back again (e.g. Preset B to Preset D and then back to Preset B, and also Preset C to Preset D and back to Preset C), I can’t.
I could if there was an Engage Previous Preset message.

Hope that makes sense! If it can already be done, please do let me know how…

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s not possible yet but we look into it in the next update.

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