Engage Preset w/ Custom Bank Sequence

Hi, took a quick look to see if this has been posted or not, but didn’t see anything.

Now this may or not be broken, but in its current state the operation is confusing. If I rearrange a whole bunch of banks, I’m assuming that the new order replaces the old banks and their bank number. Currently, when I use Engage Preset it references the original bank sequence and not the new custom bank sequence.

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 2.03.53 PM

So, this is confusing. I get what you are trying to do here, but wouldn’t it make sense for the user to only see the custom bank sequence? We shouldn’t have to see the original bank sequence, because it shouldn’t affect us now.

It seems like Bank Jump references the correct Bank, but Engage Preset is going by the old bank sequence.

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree this feature needs more work. We tried to provide as much info in the editor to the user but I guess it might cause some confusion.

For Bank Jump, yes if custom banks is turned on, it will follow the custom bank sequence.
For Engage Preset, the bank setting still follows the default sequence. Will fix that in the next update.

For now, I’m just going to forgo using custom bank sequences. I know you guys have lots on your plate, and always appreciate the time you take to engage with your users. Thank you!

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@james - is this Engage Preset still ‘broken’ in MC6 MkII firmware 3.8.6 i.e. not following custom bank sequence? I use custom bank order:

In my “Let Me Entertain You” Bank I have the below…

I’d expect this to recall Preset A from my “Octavers” bank (which is CC 104, value 29):

But when I press the switch it actually sends CC 104, value 65… which is this preset:


I think we will just stick to this functionality, where all messages with bank selection will just refer to the default bank sequence, so even if you are using a custom bank sequence, you’ll still just select a preset to execute from the default bank sequence, or when selecting a bank to jump to, you’ll select one from the default bank sequence as well.

This should be less confusing as the banks do not need to change when you re-arrange your banks in the custom bank sequence.

We just need to update the editor to reflect this.