Engage Preset function not working

I cant seem to get the ‘engage preset’ function to work on my MC8.

I am trying to engage preset ‘A’ on bank 29 upon entering bank 29. But nothing changes when I set this up.

I’ve set up a button to jump to bank 29 and would like that to also engage preset ‘A’ but it wont seem to work. Am I missing something?

Also, I’ve set up the bank settings to manually send PC and CC messages ‘on enter’ but that also doesn’t seem to work. So maybe the ‘on enter’ bank settings aren’t working correctly?

Hi! Sorry if it’s a stupid question but: you’ve disconnected from the editor before pressing the switches right? What you’re trying to should work I think, I do a similar thing on my MC6

Yes I disconnect from the editor whenever I am checking the presets. Not a dumb question at all!

I have done this in the past as well…I’m really just not sure why it wont work for me now.

Figured you would have disconnected but always worth a check! Post some screenshots of the bank messages and the preset you’re trying to engage? Maybe something will leap out! What firmware version are you on, just in case there’s a bug in older versions?

In the bank jump message, check that the “Ignore On Enter” setting is turned off? If that doesn’t work, do share your bank file so I can load it into my controller to check.

That was it! Something so simple. Is that setting on by default then?

That should default to being off IMHO.

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