Engage Preset Current Bank Bug?

Hi Folks,

There appears to be a problem with using Engage Preset - Current Bank in the Bank Preset. The messages attached to the preset are sent but the toggle and blink state does not change.

It does work properly if I explicitly state which bank the preset is in i.e. Engage Preset - Bank 1, but then of course if I move the bank to another slot the Engage Preset setting doesn’t automatically change to match the new location (this is presumably why the ‘Current Bank’ option was introduced?).

I have this problem on both 3.10.1A and 3.10.2A.


Hi there, can you share with me your all banks data file so I can test with your settings? Let me know which bank/preset to look at

Hi James, thanks for your reply.

My last .json backup attached. Please refer banks 2-4 which I used on Sunday. They are setup to explicitly reference the bank number rather than ‘Current Bank’ because that’s the only way I could get it to change the toggle and blink state when entering the bank. There are other banks further down where I’ve tried different permutations, including one called ‘Test’.

The pre-set buttons in question are DD-500 On/Off, Ventris On/Off and any pre-sets engaging loops on the ML5.

I could, of course, but doing something wrong or misunderstanding how you intend the function to be used, but it seems odd that things work as I expect when referencing the bank explicitly, but not when using ‘Current Bank’.

Thanks for your help and patience - I’m not new to midi but new to the MC8.

Morningstar_MC8_All_Banks_Backup_20220618_205306.json (1.5 MB)

Any luck replicating the behaviour?


Yes, it is a bug in the code. Can you give this attached firmware a try and see if it resolves your issue?
2022-06-22_MC8_Firmware_v_3_10_2_BugFixTest.hex (598.5 KB)

Thanks James, that seems to have done the trick!!!

I’m slightly amazed you responded so quick with fix to be honest, many companies wouldn’t bother and the fix would take months. Can’t thank you enough for a great product and support to back it up.

I’ll use this firmware over the next few days and let you know if I find anything wrong.



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Hi James, I haven’t encountered any other issues with that firmware yet. Seems to be all good in terms of how I use the MC8.



thanks for the update!