Engage Preset - correct method?

On mc8 v3.8.3 - what is the correct way to trigger a preset using the “Engage Preset” method?

I put in a “press” action in “Engage Preset” message - but it doesn’t work - no preset is engaged.
Can you have “no action” when using this method?
Do you have to stay within the same bank - or can you engage a preset from any bank?
i find the manual very unclear about this subject.


The “Engager Preset” action basically triggers another preset (can be a different bank or in the same bank).

So, if you have a Preset A in Bank 3, for example, sending a CC#1 message on Press action, you can program Preset D in Bank 1 with an Engage Preset message to engage all the messages in Preset A Bank 3 with a Press action

For the example above, here’s what Preset D in Bank 1 might look like:

Thanks James
User error.
More haste less speed…

I pasted a preset message to several locations - with the wrong switch action in it.

All ok now

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This is such a great feature! I have been using “utility” banks to create presets that I can then “stack” in other preset in order to get 24+ messages on a single press to control lights. The only thing I’ve run into is if you try and use custom bank sequences and your utility bank is not in the list, my MC3 will lock when you try and engage it from another bank.

I’m more programmer than most, so I think ultimately Morningstar should consider creating “message groups” that are independent of banks, and then those would be assigned in presets. This would also make it easier to reuse, move around, and stack groups of messages in multiple presets. Ideally they would be in XML or JSON and could be shared with other devices/users. This would probably make it way more complex for most to deal with though.

Thanks for sharing Scott.