Engage Preset Actions Doesn't Trigger Associated Actions - Which is Good!

I use SongBook on my Android table to send midi commands to various devices on a per song basis. One thing I love about the the MC6 Pro is the extra 2 pages per bank, because I can set up presets on the end banks to call other presets in other banks or message sequences to configure pedals, etc. for the song.

What I discovered is that if I call a MC6 Pro preset from my tablet, with say the release action, it does not execute the press action as it would if I physically pressed the footswitch. This is actually great and hopefully the correct behavior going forward.

What this gives you is the ability to setup a single preset (that you probably wouldn’t use with the footswitch) that can call up to 8 other presets or message sequences by sending different actions and not triggering the associated action (i.e. press with release, double tap with double tap release, etc.)

As a practical example, I have a Plethora X3 that has 3 effects slots. I now have a preset on page 4 that can turn on/off any combination of the 3 (using 8 different actions). This is all triggered from my Android tablet on a per song basis!