Engage/Bypass for Strymon Big Sky

Hey there - I control 4 devices with my MC3 (complicated!) I’d love more options, but I don’t have the real estate on my board for a bigger controller, so I have an MC3 and an Aux Switch. My Aux switch is like a global function switch (essentially) with bank up, bank down and tap tempo assigned in every bank.

One thing I’m trying to do (unsuccessfully) is use the CC message 102 (value at 0 or 127) to bypass or activate my BigSky (everything set on channel 2). Those values are based on what the user manual indicates as the value for those functions (and your midi dictionary). I can control my BigSky fine with the MC3 in terms of changing presets and scrolling through banks, but I cannot get it to receive that bypass or engage message. Thoughts?

Nevermind - I’m an idiot - I forgot to put toggle mode ON

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