Engage Boost OD-200

So sorry if this is a dumb question. I can’t figure it out on my own and I haven’t been able to find an answer on here or anywhere else.

I’m using my MC6 to control my pedalboard. On the board, I have a Boss OD-200 as my overdrive. I’m struggling to figure out how to engage the boost feature with my midi controller. If the boost is already engaged, I’m able to turn it off with my MC6, but I can’t figure out how to toggle it back on again. When its engaged, I send CC 0 to the appropriate parameter and it disengages the boost. Sending the same CC doesn’t toggle it back on. I’ve tried sending other CC #'s as well, just to try it out, but those don’t work either (tried 1-5).

Does anyone know how I would set it up to toggle the boost back on again?

The opposite of 0 = off is typically 127. Try that?

What Moley says, also don’t confuse cc# (cc numbers) and cc values.

Yes! With Boss, you have to send both a 127 message and a 0 message at the same time. Don’t ask why. Just try it. Be sure to send them to the correct CC# for the switch.
I have OD200, MD200, and DD200. It’s been a trial & error process to get them to work the way they should.

Thanks for the help everyone! 127 was the secret ingredient here, I really appreciate the help. I’m new to using MIDI. Been watching so many videos and tutorials lately, this seems really obvious in hindsight. But I legit couldn’t figure it out. Thanks again!!