Enable/Bypass preset - getting state correct

Hi, this is a long question:

I have an H9, and I have several banks devoted to selecting programs on the H9. There is a H9 Chorus bank, a H9 Phaser bank, etc.

Each H9 bank, on page 1 has an enable/bypass preset for enabling or bypassing the H9.

The preset may or may not be in sync with the H9. For example, when I power on, the H9 may be bypassed but the preset is in enabled state. I can fix this by using a bank message (on entering the bank - only execute once) to enable the H9, so that when I go to the H9 Chorus bank, the H9 is enabled if it is not, and everything is in sync.

But now, I have the other H9 bank presets. I can make them all members of the same toggle group (I think), so that they are all now in sync.

Now comes the problem:

  • I go to the H9 Chorus bank
  • The toggle state is at default, enabled
  • The bank message fires, enabling the H9
  • I now press the enable/bypass preset to bypass the H9 and the toggle group state is now bypass
  • I then go to the H9 Phazer bank
  • The bank message fires, enabling the H9
  • But the toggle state is bypass

Is there a way to fix this? Are there “on power up” messages?



a common practice would be to set up a preset that resets your pedals after start up. This preset shouldn’t be part of a toggle group.
That way managing toggles is far more straight forward since you’d always start from the same state.
This preset can also act like a fail save, if something goes wrong with your midi messages.

Thanks! Makes sense, I’ll give it a try. – j

Interesting note: I used a “On Enter Bank - Execute Once Only” on bank 0 to reset the pedal state. This executes on power-on which is very cool! So the pedal board powers on in a known state.

Are there any issues with this approach?