Emulate MC8 Footswitches with Midi

Wondering if there is a way to send my MC8 a midi message that would emulate the pressing of a hardware footswitch, similar to how my HX Stomp can have external devices emulate FS pressing.

I’m hoping to rig a controller on my desk to trigger foot switches on the unit. This way I don’t have to bend over to my pedalboard so much while I’m programming/testing.

Hopefully that’s all clear. I’m a first time poster. Just got an MC8 and spent the last week having back-to-back “woah” moments at all the possibilities this tiny guy unlocks.

Welcome!! Totally possible: MC8 User Manual (Firmware v3.9)

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Hey and thanks for responding!

I’m seeing that I can trigger the presets, but I’m wondering if I can emulate the foot switches themselves. I’d like to see if I can have the same 8 buttons on my desk controller correspond to A-H as well as I-P on the MC8 depending on if the page is toggled or not.

Just want to double check. Thanks again!

There’s nothing on emulating footswitches yet with MIDI. Maybe something we can possibly try in the next update - not sure of the feasibility yet.

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I can see the value of having remote control over the pedal. Nothing i would personally use in the short term, but interesting.

Assume it would be a midi command that would send button number and an indication of up/down.

Not sure how the current button logic is designed, but I could see that being tricky to add after the fact. Ideally the current button logic would be used and look at the current (emulated) button state driven by the midi commands. If the hardware buttons change state, then that would cause any midi controlled state to be ignored.