Empress Looper Control (Echosystem/Reverb)

Hi guys!

Anyone using the MC6 to control the looper functions on either the Empress Echosystem or Reverb?

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You’re welcome!

I am using the Echosystem as main looper with an MC6.
My current workflow:

  • One preset on an Aux Switch allows me to jump to a dedicated looper bank of the MC6, so that I can go to the looper easily from any bank
  • Entering (or leaving) the looper bank activates (deactivates) the looper of the Echosystem and sets the MC6 sensitivity to “Looper Mode”
  • The looper bank has the following 6 presets:
    Rec/Stop-Play/MoveLeft/MoveRight as Press (for quick action), Clear as LongPress (to avoid messing up), and GoToLastUsedBank as Press (to get back to the SongList)

I can share all the CCs if this is useful to anyone (I remember it took me a bit of time to figure out, but the information is in the Echosystem manual).

The only problem for live playing is that switching back and forth to a looper bank takes a bit of time, especially if one wants to send some PC at the same time. I am thinking of some other way of making the transitions for some songs more automatic in the future.

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Hi Serge - thank you.
Yes please - if you could share your setup and cc messages etc… that would be great.
I’ll see if I can add anything to the arrangement to simplify the process and help each other out - and hopefully others too :slight_smile:


Here is my current setup, I hope I copied everythin correctly, let me know in
case this does not work.

There are 6 presets:
Rec, PlayStop, Mute, MoveLeft, MoveRight, Clear
Clear is in LongPress because erasing cannot be undone, so I prefer the extra care.
I also use an extra preset “Back to last Used” because I access the looper via
a bank jump and often wishes to go back to the current song . But other ways
are possible.

Important to note: the bank preset for On Enter and On Exit are such that
the looper is activated by entering (if the Echosystem is in Delay mode)
and is deactivated by exiting (if the Echosystem is in Looper Mode).
In addition, when exiting, the recording track (blue dot on the ES) moves automatically one step to the right. This allows me to hit record directly on
an empty track the next time I enter the looper. Again, there are other

Last but not least, here are the CC for all this. Cheers!

On Enter CCnumber=37 CCvalue=127
On Enter CCnumber=36 CCvalue=127
On Exit CCnumber=37 CCvalue=127
On Exit CCnumber=36 CCvalue=127

Press CCnumber=35 CCvalue=64

Press CCnumber=37 CCvalue=64

Press CCnumber=36 CCvalue=64

Press CCnumber=35 CCvalue=127
Press CCnumber=36 CCvalue=127
Press CCnumber=35 CCvalue=0
Press CCnumber=36 CCvalue=0

Press CCnumber=37 CCvalue=127
Press CCnumber=36 CCvalue=127
Press CCnumber=37 CCvalue=0
Press CCnumber=36 CCvalue=0

LongPress CCnumber=35 CCvalue=127
LongPress CCnumber=36 CCvalue=127

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Thank you very much Serg - much appreciated.
I will attempt to plug those values in later.

With the bank preset & the move left/right presets - are they doubled up for duel switch presses or single? Just noticed the amount of CC’s involved, thats all.

Thinking over this now. Is it possible to export the bank you have saved for this and upload it here somewhere? I could then download it and import it into my MC6.

As an experiment really!

The quadrupling is to simulate a dual switch Long Press and Release on the ES, and the doubling a single switch Long Press.

I am trying to upload my Bank export here. James has thought of everything, and apparently syx files are allowed to be uploaded on the forum.

Morningstar_MC6_MKII_Bank_Backup_File.syx (5.4 KB)

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Amazing! Thank you…
James has put a lot of effort into this entire project. Very glad to have discovered it.

I just wish I had my MC6 on me right now to try your .syx file.
Tomorrow it is.

I wonder whether it would be the same commands for the Empress Reverb by choosing the corresponding midi channel… :thinking:

Been wondering if the looper would be better on the Echo or Reverb pre effects.

I shall experiment.

You’re welcome.

It seems the Reverb has the same CC as the Echo, it should be fine.

I use the looper in post, because I want to use and record different delays from the Echosystem on different tracks. Pre effects could be interesting sound-wise, but this seems less versatile.