EHX Triple Foot Controller and MC6

Well, it’s not unusable - The EHX cable itself does work fine, I just wish that I could get a small patch cable that reliably worked. TRS ones are relatively rare however, and I don’t want to buy lots of them and try them all out.

Can anyone think of a reason why this wouldn’t be working correctly? I can see how an incorrectly seated cable might allow for the ring contact to bridge the insulation and hit tip as well, but the correct tip contact is clicks into the notch, and I can’t understand how that could short the ring contact too!

An interesting development - I have tried using a 3.5mm stereo cable with a 6.35mm adapter on each end, and that works absolutely fine. No shorts, just works like I had originally hoped it would. Fortunately I do have some short 3.5mm patch cables so it’s nice and neatly wired in.

Which just points back to the jack plug as being the issue here, but I have no idea how or why that is.

Check this out - 4 TRS jacks.

The all black one with thick bands is the EHX one, and it does work. The one to it’s right (gold, thick bands) is the patch cable that does not work. The longer TRS cable (silver with a thinner band) also doesn’t work. The adapter (red and gold with thick bands) does work just fine. I just can’t figure out what is going on here.

I have exactly the same problem, even EBS cables don’t work, only the one that came with the pedal.