EHX Triple Foot Controller and MC6

Hey there,

I‘ m using the Electro Harmonix Tripple Foot Controller as Aux Switch, and it constantly keeps changing around the presets it should controll.
Same with the Fixed Switch option.
I’m using firmware 3.9.7

Am I doing something wrong?
Has anybody Experience with the EHX?

Any feedback would be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t find a schematic on the EHX. Can you post a picture of the inside, with some close ups of wiring and resisters? If you can’t do some soldering, then skip it and just get American Loppers.

I saw this in the manual - it looks compatible:

If it is constantly changing around presets, it means that either the Tip or Ring is shorted to ground when the aux switch is connected. Are you using a TRS cable? Do note that a TS cable cannot be used.

Unfortunately I’m not into soldering…
I coudn’t find the recommended brands in my region(central europe), and it’s not easy finding similar products.
Thanks for your response, though!

Yes I tried several TRS cables, no luck there!
Maybe I should keep looking for alternatives…


Open it up and post a pic anyway just to make sure all necessary components are there and nothing shorted.

It should look similar to this but with momentary switches instead of three TS jacks (and likely much neater soldering).

@James will be able to tell you right away if it is okay (I just followed his schematic).

So, that’s what it looks like inside…

Uploading: IMG_0954.jpg…
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Uploading: IMG_0957.jpg…


Definitely works with an MC6, I use mine as Fixed switch custom. I’ve never tried it as an aux switch. Post your bank settings and I’ll test on mine!

As per @moley6knipe, try it as a Fixed Switch before you ditch the switch :crazy_face:

Definitely using TRS cable, with one of these at both ends? (Sorry if that’s patronising, but worth checking!)

I guess it possible there’s something shorting a socket out… a little switch cleaner rubbed on a jack plug and inserted / removed a few times in both sockets is worth a go. I’ve had amps with fx return sockets that have got dirty, causing the amp to cut out.

Both of these are long shots I admit!

From the photo (and their manual), it definitely seems compatible. Have you tried a different omniport just to test?

If it is all (omniport) causing the same behaviour, then the cable used is very likely faulty (I know you’ve tried several) or I guess the Triple Foot is faulty (seems unlikely though). The behaviour is caused by the Ring being shorted to ground (even though you are not pressing any switch).

Problem solved!!!

First I tried some contact cleaner, still the same.
Then I tried yet another cable, suddenly everythings fine…
the other cables are not broken or anything, but I noticed a slight difference in the size of the insulation between ring and sleeve. Maybe it’s about the quality of the plugs, I’m still puzzled…
Anyway, thanks for all your help, very much appreciated!


great! glad the issue is resolved.

Can you share picture of the TRS plug comparison? Just curious how different it is

The silver coloured one didnt 'work…

Great information and pictures of TRS cable comparison.
I do have a Electro Harmonix Triple Foot Controller and have had some weird switching problems. I will definitely look at those TRS cables and compare their differences. Thank you Dave7 for sharing!

I am having the same exact problem as posted here - The T and R switches will both sometimes trigger the T+R response instead. If pressed very firmly the typically work properly, but if pressed lightly they often will act like the T+R switch instead.

Looking at my TRS cables, one of them seemed to have the thinner insulating band, but the other looks exactly like the one that the OP said was working properly.

What the hell is going on here?

Ok, so it seems that if I use the original EHX cable then there are absolutely no problems whatsoever with the footswitch. I can’t even make the wrong switch trip if I deliberately try to do it. It just works properly. Which is… Fine. But the cable is fairly long and so has to be wound up to fit well on my pedalboard. No other TRS cables I own work reliably, whatever the tips look like.

Does anyone have any idea what is happening?

Are you using the EHX triple switch ?
I had some issue with switching. I replaced the trs cable, same problem as you have. I ended up switching with another trs cable and I also changed the MC6 controller setting ‘Bank change delay time to 250. No issue since then.

Yes, I am.

I originally tried a little TRS patch cable that I previously used to connect my expression pedal to the MC6, then tried some longer TRS cables that are more for conventional audio connections. They all had the same “sometimes work, sometimes wrong” results.

I’m not running my triple switch as bank up/down, I’m using it just as aux switches, so just having a delay won’t help. If it triggers the wrong switch then it’s already too late.

Oups, my bad. A delay on aux switch settings would be nice though. Hope you can find a solution.