[Editor v1.1.6 Beta] New Backup Data Manager feature

One more for the road -

Under the Controller Backup tab >> Backup Data Manager, you can open multiple .json backup files which loads the banks into the Loaded Banks column. Drag the banks over to the Selected Banks column, re-arrange them, and then load the selected banks to your controller.

You’ll also be able to click into the banks and re-arrange the presets:

Still a couple more planned features, but not prioritised yet:

  • Double click on the bank to view the bank json data (triple click currently removes the bank from the list)
  • Storing the Loaded Banks in memory so the data is available in a new session
  • Function to save the Loaded Banks data into a file
  • Function to save the Selected Banks data into a file

Hi James,

Looks like this will fill the function of the Preset Manager. That would very much be welcome. Tremendous work as always.