[Editor v1.1.6 Beta] Create SysEx Presets

So, we know currently that creating presets sending SysEx has been a little confusing if you don’t refer to the manual. We just added a “Create SysEx Preset” function in Preset Settings.

You can type in a hex string in the text box:

Clic Apply and that translates into the SysEx message types in the preset:

On a separate note, we’ve added an additional parameter in each SysEx message type so it’s possible to send a SysEx with a maximum length of (16x4) - 1 = 63 instead of the current (16x3) - 1 = 47. Trouble is with the additional of the extra parameter, any current SysEx presets will need to be re-created.

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A most welcome addition! Thanks @james!, great work!

By the way, finding the latest Beta version of the Editor involves a bit of searching and detective work (for me, at least) Is there a chance that you can set a place for it on the MS main page for easy access, like with the official Editor?

EDIT/UPDATE: I just saw that you added a Beta Editor Chrome app to the Chrome browser :P. Awesome! I also updated the firmware to the 2021-09-29 beta version.

Ok, after a few hiccups I managed to replicate a couple of my existing SysEx messages and the new feature seems to be working fine. I believe you also need to let users know that the Length of the string (very first P1) is now calculated and added by the Editor and you must not include it, because if you do it creates havoc! (some of the hiccups I referred to :P)

Thanks again! I will proceed to convert all my SysEx messages to account for the additional parameter (sigh…-a good sigh :))

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, the current SysEx messages need to be re-done because of the additional parameter in each message. We’ll see how we can improve on the instructions in the Create SysEx function.

The beta editor link can be found in the release notes. The reason why its not in the main website is because only a small % of users use the beta firmware - a beta link on the main website will just confuse users I think. Hopefully the Chrome App will help, since it’ll be bookmarked in your Chrome Apps page. We might phase out the Desktop editor and replace it with the Chrome app, since we can easily notify users of any updates and they can just reload the app.


@james Thank you for your kind reply. I hope the bold-type sentences were not misunderstood as capital letter equivalents! I just wanted to highlight the important parts of my message. I didn’t mean it as a critique.

Also, I think that just adding an extra sentence to the text box that pops up when this new SysEx option is selected will suffice.
Ironically, I totally overlooked at first the comment about the addition of the extra parameter and that lead to the MC-6 randomly freezing several times, before I realised what was causing it (sigh)

Thank you again!