"Editor Tab Name" function in the ML10x Web Editor

Under “Editor Settings” in the ML10x Web Editor, there is an experimental setting called “Editor Tab Name.” The text below the input field indicates that this setting renames “the title of the browser tab based on your Controller ID.” Two questions about this experimental feature:

  1. Am I correct in believing that this setting allows you to rename the tabs in your web browser? If so, this would be an extremely useful feature for those of us running multiple ML10xs, as it would allow us to keep track of which Web Editor tab corresponds to which ML10x more easily.

  2. Has anyone gotten this setting to work? I have tried entering text into the input field, then hitting “enter” on my keyboard, multiple times with no success. There does not seem to be a “save setting” button or anything similar; and if I switch back to the “edit preset” tab in the Web Editor, any text I previously entered in the “Editor Tab Name” field disappears. If anyone out there has had success renaming their ML10x web editor tabs in Google Chrome, I am wondering: how did you do it?

I can confirm that this does not work for the ML10X editor yet (only the MC editor). We’ll need to launch this in conjunction with a firmware update for the ML10X.

Cool. Once it is fully operational, I think this feature will be a great addition to the web editor. Thanks for your quick response!