Editor: Select Preset Dropdown

I just received my MC8, downloaded the desktop editor for PC, did a firmware update to v3.9.

I cannot select a Preset (A, B, C etc.) or Bank from the dropdowns at the top of the editor screen. I choose “A” or whatever and nothing happens. The editor does not recognize the selection.

I have chosen the MC8 device and the editor has connected to it. I can assign the omniports, so the editor seems to see the MC8.

Also, pushing A, B, C etc. on the MC8 does not activate any preset screens in the editor.

Is this a bug in v3.9 or (more likely) I’m overlooking something bog simple?

What should I try next? The Chrome version? Any tips welcomed.

As you’re running beta firmware you’ll need to use Chrome staging editor (you can install it as a Chrome app) https://editor-mkii-staging.morningstar.io/

Then grant access to Midi devices…

And switch presses not loading presets in the editor: [Solved] Bank Jumps don't work when the device is connected? - #2 by james

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Thanks Moley, I will give Chrome a try.


Can you share a screenshot of the editor?

The staging URL that @moley6knipe shared will work, but we have released v3.9 (no longer in beta) so the URL for all stable releases is https://editor.morningstar.io/

The staging editor is used to test beta firmwares so when we start working on v3.10 then we will push updates to that staging URL for that firmware

Not sure how helpful, but here is a screenshot of the exe version, with drop-down for presets. If you select a preset it doesn’t actually get selected. Bank dropdown behaves the same.


You need to use the latest editor - the one in the screenshot is v1.1.5. The latest is v1.2.1.

The editor for the latest firmware will always be found at https://editor.morningstar.io/

Seems like you are using the desktop editor. You’ll need to download the latest version here: Release v1.2.1 · Morningstar-Engineering/Desktop-Editor-MKII · GitHub

In this update, we added Chrome Web App capabilities, which means that you can go to the URL in Chrome, and then install it as a Chrome Web App, which can be access offline. It can also be automatically updated if there are any new updates, unlike the desktop editor.

Hi James. The Chrome web app seems to work fine, no problems setting up a Home bank with set lists now. I have yet to hook anything up but don’t expect any issues.

I didn’t realize I was using an old editor, thanks, had thought I had the latest.

By the way, I am migrating from an old Digitech PMC-10 foot controller. I got many years out of it, but with the smaller size, flexibility, and ease of programming, the MC8 blows the PMC-10 away. Bonuses: The MC8 doesn’t use a 4.5 V zinc-carbon battery to keep the memory ICs refreshed, and doesn’t use a glitchy proprietary keypad for programming.

You must be a genius. I’m looking forward to the MC8 Pro.