[Editor Request] - Copy Page 2 Layout across Banks

Hi James,

So, I have an MC-6 and now I have an MC-3 on the way. At this point, I’m considering 2 more MC-6 or an MC-8 to finally replace my large format controller by another manufacturer. There is a pattern I use which I want to adapt to the MC.

Looking at just a single bank, the idea is simple:

Page 1 contains the setup for a Song. Standard stuff: Presets and other utility functions. The Presets themselves will only be sending PC commands to all the gear, they won’t directly determine the initial active/bypass states. For active/bypass, they will instead Engage an “Instant Access” preset on Page 2.

Page 2 is just your typical banks of Instant Access buttons for each effect and preamp in my system. Those switches will also include programming to provide mutual exclusivity where needed (ie: If I have 3 preamps, I only want 1 at a time, so any call to engage one of the preamps must also turn off the other 2). If I want to take manual control of activating anything, I can easily switch to Page 2.

So, as I said, I know I can program it that way. What I’m looking for is more of a maintenance feature where Page 2 presets repeat across all of my Banks without me having to Copy/Paste Presets in every one, especially when I get into making changes in my rig. I can’t really even rely on the current Bank Copy feature because it would overwrite the Presets in Page 1.

I think it could be something as “easy” as an Editor feature … just a way to take any Page 2 (or Page 1) layout and have it auto propagate to all banks with 1 touch. Apologies if there is already some feature like this, I didn’t find it.


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Actually, I think Bank Jump may help do what I want here. I have to test it out, but I missed that when I wrote this. If it works, it’s even better than what I wanted.