Editor not connecting with CME Widi Jack and Bud Pro

I’m having difficulty connecting my MC6Pro to the online editor.

I have the CME Widi Jack connected to the MC6Pro side 3.5mm midi ports. The CME Bud Pro is connected to my Windows laptop. The Widi Jack and Bud Pro connect to each other and the Bud Pro is solid light blue and flashes when midi messages are sent via the MC6Pro.

The editor recognizes the Bud Pro but has trouble connecting to the MC6Pro. It usually either gives an error that no device was found or locks up Chrome entirely in the loading state. I have to reboot Chrome and remove/connect the Bud Pro. Eventually, I’m able to get it connected but the connection is not stable and sometimes locks up the MC6Pro. I’m assuming I don’t have the correct settings checked somewhere but don’t know where to start. The CME devices and MC6Pro firmware are all up to date.

Any help and suggestions is much appreciated!

Regarding the WIDI Jack, did you switch it to “Type A” when connected to the 3.5mm ports? There is a switch on the WIDI Jack itself to change the setting.

By default, it is set to Type B.

Yep. It’s sets on type A.

I ended up giving up on WIDI and have a cable connected to a D-panel USB jack on the side of the pedalboard. Flawless connection.