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Hi - json help please! MC6 MkII. f/w 3.9.0 2021-10-15. Editor v1.1.6 Beta Chrome app. Windows.

I’ve added some Preset message descriptions in the editor and saved (exported) them to a file.
I’ve then edited the file in Notepad++ and tried to upload it to the MC, but I get ‘File content not valid’.
I used NP++'s command to format json, then edited, then compressed before saving. Encoding was UTF-8 before and after save.

I can’t see what I’m doing wrong here - I’m pretty sure my json file is valid.

As a test, tried via non-Chrome app website and same result.
And weirder - if I export the file from the MC and then reimport it without edits, I sometimes see ‘File not valid’ as well, or nothing happens.

Have attached before and after json. Before is as exported from MC without editing in NP++.

MorningstarEngineering_Editor_Profile - Before.json (743 Bytes)
MorningstarEngineering_Editor_Profile - After.json (927 Bytes)

it’s a bug! We’ll push the fix in 3-4 hours.

Hope you didn’t pull your hair out too much :grimacing:

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Ah! I wondered if it might be…. Thanks!