Editor in Chrome (chromium) on linux?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just received my MC8 this morning (how do you send it so fast ?!?, I order it November the 30th !!! Thanks !!!), and I’m really enjoying it ! So easy to set up !

I’m just stuck to boot on windows to configure it, do someone have a clue to get it connected with Chromium on Ubuntu ?
Here is what I get :

It seems fine but the Select device to connect stays empty :disappointed_relieved:



We’ve not tested this Linux at all (and no plans yet), but in Chromium, it should work. If you click on that keyboard icon in the top Window bar (on the top right), is MIDI enabled?

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Yes, midi is enabled, Chromium has access to midi but doesn’t see the MC8, only the midi Through Port-0. The MC8 appears in the ALSA mixer and is usable as a midi controller in Reaper easily.
The Brave browser seems to be forbidden by the editor even if midi devices is allowed, but as it is the same engine as Chrome it should not resolve my problem.

I understand linux is not a priority, a bit sad to hear it’s not even planned though.

Have you tried running Chrome inside a VM running a supported OS and letting that access midi/usb directly?

But of course you must know when you use use Linux, you are on the fringe. Lot’s of subtle config stuff when it comes to hardware and drivers there. My guess is your beef is with Chromium or your local setup and not Morningstar. This sadness/frustration is part of the tradeoff of using Linux. Expecting fringe plans/support from mainstream vendors is a bit unrealistic.

Thanks quadstar

Yep, tried not long, not a success for now, I’ll take more time later to make it work.

Morningstar has already made the job, the products are class compliant, I’m just asking the community here, I thought someone has already made the work of seeing the MCx in chrome within Linux. I’m sure it is possible as everything but midi-detection in chrome seams to work perfectly, I’ll take the time to find the way later and share it here.

As I said, I understand linux is not a priority, but as the job is nearly done I thought it may worth it.
This website runs on a nginx (linux) server, I thought the team had to be familiar with it, but as the main website is Wix, I doubt it now…

Sorry, I thought I had made a reply here, but no… here it is :
On linux you can’t access midi devices in Brave/Chromium/Ungoogled-chrome !

→ download and use the google Chrome (with all google dependencies) and all will work smoothly without any configuration.


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Sorry to unearth an old thread, but for posterity it needs to be said that nowadays the editor works perfectly fine with Chromium on Linux. I’ve been using it like this since my MC6 arrived in September 2022.


Yep, and in Firefox too, it seams that work has been done in the Mozilla team to implement midi, since all the work was already done in the morningstar-side

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