[Editor Feature Request] "My Midi Pedals" for Midi Dictionary

Hey there, one thing I would find useful for the editor would be to create a drop down list of shortcuts to pedals that you own when opening the midi dictionary from the “Edit Preset” page. This would make finding the Midi dictionary for the pedals you own that much easier. Maybe call it “My Midi Pedals” or something like that.

P.S. Thanks for creating such an awesome product with an even better community of users where we can request features like this!


Good idea, it’s a little bit annoying scrolling through the whole list for every cc you want to copy. But for me it’s a first world problem, nothing serious. Anyhow the library works great!

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On a related note, it would be nice to also add a similar feature to the Preset Editor when it shows Message Types.

For me this could be a user edited list of preferred dictionary entries, message types, etc … or this could simply be a list as the top of the 10 (or other amount) of most recently (or frequently used) items:

Something like this. Note that favorite (or recent) entries would also be in menu a second time lower down.

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-1, for me this great variety due to a long dev time should be packed for a more limited and accurate number of message types