[Editor Feature Request] Ctrl+S keyboard accelerator for Save Preset

Or Save any current menu related entity.µ
If it doesn’t exist.

Some other keybord accelerators should also be welcome as :

  • Ctrl+Q Disconnect
  • Ctrl+H Toogle Page
  • Ctrl+U Bank Up
  • Ctrl+D Bank Down
    any other ideas welcom

Shift Up or Shift Down will bank up and down already.
Ctrl + Shift + A will load Preset A, and so on.

We can look into implementing other keystrokes in the future - Ctrl Q or S are already use by Chrome to Quit and Save.

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For Ctrl S it is annoyng because it is used in so many places to save current task.
For Ctrl Q may be Ctrl X would be Ok ?

But if there is a priority, I do prefer the implemenattion of a midi message we can send to MCxx to do a jump last bank, whatever CC or PC it would be. Thank you.

@James, may I complain about the new keboard accelerators starting with /
I have dozens of presets long names including on their second part the / char to indicate a long press action ( usually a jum back, bank up/down or else) and since this new feature has been added to editor my world became ‘nuclear’ :frowning:

I don’t understand. How does this affect your preset names?

When I edit them and type the ‘/’ char I jump to another preset and loose all my changes not saved.
Can’t you use Ctrl or another control char ? I am sure I am not the only to have used ‘/’ as a convenient tag in display.

But you need to hold down / and then press another character together for it to engage.

Certainly a bug. May be related to french keyboard ?
I sent you a video on FB messager as I can’t find a way to upload it here.
As soon as I press the ‘/’ key, without any other key, editor jumps ???
It seems that the edit feature is hightly impacted, when I press backspace everything flashes, etc…
And when I use edition sequences that where working usually as Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow or same with right arrow, everything flashes and the result is no more the expected one that was to select the full previous or left word from cursor position (used since last century for this everywhere editing is allowed)

Ok, I think I saw the bug. Compiling and deploying now… Can you try again in 2 min and let me know if its ok?

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@james not related to this but I can’t find in the midi implementation the midi message (CC ? ) you choose to implement the Bank Jump to last used bank ? I understand it is too recent :slight_smile: , could you help, I have to re program the midi controller sending it, to validate concept.

No worries - its CC#9. Value 127 to execute bank presets, or 0 to ignore

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Great the new midi call works, thanks.

But the ‘/’ key not fixed…