Editor does not display preset labels in drop down

With both release and staging editors the dropdown to select a preset does not display the labels of the preset.

Let me know if there’s anything I can provide to help debug this. I think this was reported in another thread.

Note: This occurs immediately after starting the editor and connecting to a device. I moved the dropdown in the screen cap to the right slightly to unobscure the label displayed on the main page (and the issue occurs before moving the dropdown)

Thanks for reporting this. If you change banks in this state, does the preset labels appear for the new bank?

Yes, changing banks fixes it.

Not 100% sure if this always fixes it. There was one time where I changing banks did not fix it, but maybe I selected the current bank accidentally.

It may be the case that this happens after first connect to the device or doesn’t happen at all. Not sure…

I just did some updates this morning with regards to how the display updates. I’m not sure if it is a display refresh issue that is causing the preset names not to be displayed when the info is received from the controller. Just so I know where to look (cos I can’t replicate this), can you confirm if the issue still persists in the web editor?

Sorry. Issue still exists in the staging and non-staging web editor.