Editor and WIDI not connecting to MC8

I’m on the latest editor and MC8 firmware.

When I connect to the WIDI device in Chrome like I’ve used before, it connects for a brief moment, then the presets go blank, and the WIDI connection is bricked. It won’t connect again until restarting the core device and then it just repeats this pattern.

Has this been reported?

I haven’t checked if there’s a WIDI firmware update (it’s an insane process).

I saw in the release notes it says this bug was fixed in 3.11.1 but I’m on that version and it’s still persisting.

Also checked and I’m on the latest WIDI and Bluetooth firmware

MIDI Thru needs to be turned off on the MC8 - can you confirm if it has been turned off?

EDIT: Tried one more time and all is working!

Yes, just tried it with MIDI Thru and Cross Midi Thru off, and no change. Still bricks after loading a blank page of presets.