Editing Midi Tempo w/o Computer (MC6)

Can I change the midi clock without plugging into the app? I have heard this is possible. Also, I would love to have the same midi clock for an entire bank!

Yes, you can edit the preset directly on the device itself. You’ll need to program a “MIDI Clock” message type into a preset. Each time you engage the preset, the MIDI clock will be set to the specified BPM

Thank you! Will I need to do this for every preset or can I make it so I only have to change it once for the entire bank?

I’m just trying to avoid having to change the bpm individually for all 6 presets in my bank.

You just need to program it to one preset in that bank. The BPM will be set by that preset, and it wont change unless you activate another preset with a MIDI clock message and a different BPM setting.

Is there a way to tap in the tempo of the midi clock using one of the onboard assigned switches and then fine tune the bpm without creating a new preset? (Writing that specific bpm into the preset)

Thanks in advance