Edit Bank / Set Bank Background / Text Color Bug

While trying to learn the ins and outs of the new MC6 Pro and trying to find out how to either hide or get rid of the “B001 Pg1” text in the 3rd screen - I seem to have uncovered a potential bug.

When going to “Edit Bank” and adding an event like “On Enter Bank - Page 1” with type “Utility” and then the option for Set Bank Background / Text Color.

When making changes on this screen, then saving it - nothing happens on the device itself, unlike when make changes on a preset, saving - the changes are visible. I have to disconnect and reboot the device and then change shows up.

I’m also noticing - sometimes though the settings in “Edit Bank” shows maybe a different color, if I save and reboot - the change doesn’t actually show up on the device. Makes me think of browser cache, like it’s keeping a previous edit to the settings.

End goal - originally I followed someone else’s suggestion on how to change the bank strip background from white to black, which worked.

Just trying to hide the “B001 Pg1” text from showing up all of the time. Maybe there is a way to have it only display when you first go to the bank and page, then it disappears.

That’s one feature about the MC6 MKii which I have, if you switch to another bank - that bank name shows up in the middle of the screen then disappears.

So the colour changes aren’t seen when you save the bank’s on enter message because nothing has happened to trigger that message. If you trigger it by entering the bank it should work.

I think the Bank/Page text in the Pro is “always on”. I guess no harm raising an enhancement asking for it to be suppressible

Good point about differences of bank text display behaviour when jumping banks on the two devices. On the Pro, it just displays static on the left hand screen. I can see that having the option to splash it on screen when changing banks would be useful.

That makes total sense, I’ll test that out… Thanks