Echo System Scrolling Preset System Puzzle

Hey folks. First post. Just digging into MIDI for the first time and trying to reason my way through a little puzzle with my Empress Echo System. I will try my best to describe what I have set up and what I’m trying to do and hopefully if there’s a solution someone can help me find it.

I have a bank set up to control the scrolling preset system of the Echo System with Scroll Left, Scroll Right, and Load/Bypass switches. This is all done using a combination of CC messages to control the footswitch functions, so I’m not actually using any PCs for this purpose. It’s actually mostly working pretty well save for one thing that I’m struggling to wrap my head around. I would like the bypass status to stay the same when I switch between presets. So if I have a preset loaded but I have the pedal bypassed and I load another preset I would like it to stay in bypass until I press the load switch again. and also conversely; if I have a preset loaded with the pedal engaged and load another preset I would like that preset to load in engaged status and bypass on another tap of the load switch. I would prefer to be able to do this all with single presses/release actions. I suspect this must be possible using toggle positions and some help from toggle clear maybe, but I can’t seem to reason my way through it. Maybe it’s not but if it is and someone else can help me figure it out I’d be incredibly grateful. Let me know if I’m missing any details or if there’s any more specific info on what I’m doing or trying to do that may help you solve this. TIA!

there’s a few command options to engage or bypass that might be useful in different scenarios.
left switch tap (load selected preset) CC#35 Value 64
right switch tap (engage/bypass) CC#37 Value 64
Engage Pedal CC#60 Value 127
Bypass Pedal CC#60 Value 0

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Yo! Haha my first post as well:). I have an echosystem but am not trying to do what you are. However, ive wanted a similar functionality with how preset status is displayed with one of my synths, rev2.

And just as a for instance to see if we are talking about the same thing i will explain what im doing:

I have note on/note off messages on 5 presets and i have system real time start/stop on the 6th preset. I want to be able to hit a note on, then when i hit another note on a different preset i want the display to say whether the previous note is on or off, and do so correctly. And i want this to work for all 5 notes/preset buttons.

It does this when i have the clear toggle preset set to on (in the bank page). But this works at the expense of resetting the start/stop position. Thus, when i hit start/stop, it is reset to first position=start.

Alternatively, i can have the start/stop not affected by other preset presses when clear toggle is off, but then the displays for those other presets do not reset to indicate properly what message it is on (whether a note is on or off).

Seems theres no way around this at this point but i am not an expert. And i dont fully know if we are striving for something similar but just maybe!

And let it be known round the world that i LOVE my mc6 (since this is my first post).


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Man, I wish I could help you but I’m obviously still learning MIDI from the beginning and I barely know what I’m doing on my end. I can’t say I really understand what you’re working with or trying to do. I do know that while I love the incredible flexibility and versatility of the MC6, I have found that maximizing the usability of multiple actions on a one switch pretty much never works the way I imagine it. I understand why when I’m programming it but I just saw myself using it differently. Either way, amazing machine. true game changer on my pedal board. Sorry I can’t really help you, good luck figuring it out.

No prob man. I wasnt looking for help because im pretty sure theres no fix for me…i was trying to see if we were attempting same thing? If so, then what i was meaning is there is no solution that i know of for your problem, either:).


Ah I see. I was just messing around trying different combinations of commands while I was watching TV and I found something that worked. If you (or anyone else that comes across this) wanna know I can’t go through the commands and chart it out. Honestly don’t even know what it’s doing but it’s working.


you guys have any thoughts on this?

Not an expert, don’t have that pedal, also very new and your post was months ago but… I think this is down to what the pedal actually does when it receives these CC values. My guess here is that “left switch tap (load selected preset) CC#35 Value 64” on the Empress means “engage the preset” regardless of whether the preset is already engaged or not.

I have a Source Audio C4. On the MC6 Bank 30 is for scrolling through presets.

The C4’s MIDI map looks like this:

In Bank 30:
Preset A sends CC 107 value 127 i.e. “load previous preset”
Preset B sends CC 106 value 127 i.e. “load next preset”
(crucially, on the C4 this means “load previous / next preset, but don’t change the current engaged / bypassed status”)

Preset C sends CC 105 value 127 i.e. “engage the pedal if it’s currently bypassed OR bypass the pedal if it’s currently engaged”


Actually what I ended up doing was far simpler. There’s a PC scroll for all the presets that will scroll back and forth through all the presets in whatever the current bypass status. Not sure why I was trying to use CC initially.

Cool!! All good! There’s always a way!