Easiest way to Edit MC8 via iPad & Bluetooth?

This is the situation:
• I need the DIN midi OUT to control all the pedals of my board.
• The midi IN and the USB connectors are not used yet.
• I red about the browser.app for iOS and the activating of Sysec to made it happen :+1:

Which device would you recommend to have the iPad communicate withe MC8 via bluetooth over the MC8’s USB connector. I’d love to power it by 9V DC too :smiley: but my Power supply has an powered USB output too, so I could power the bluetooth device by that!

Thank you so much for your help!!!

CME is releasing a new WIDI uHost, which you can connect to the USB connector. It’s not shipping yet so I can’t say if it will work well (but it should. The WIDI Jack and WIDI Master works fine in terms of connecting to the Editor)

Ah thanks so much! Just pre-ordered the CME uhost with the right cable to connect it to the MC8. They have a 50% discount on pre-orders right now, very cool!