DVP4 Mini as Exp and Vol

Hi guys, I have a question… Using my dvp4 mini and the MC6, can I turn it as an expression pedal and as an volume pedal when I need? I mean, using a trs cable to connect DVP4 to MC6 and send a message to turn DVP4 as an expression pedal and send no messages to stay as a volume…

If Volume is a MIDI controlled parameter in your rig, absolutely. If you mean using all 3 jacks of the DVP4 at once (connected to the audio signal and TRS to the MC), I not sure that works, but it’s more of a question for Dunlop maybe.

I just tested, and you actually can set a preset to Select Exp Message without anything selected and it won’t send anything, so that part works at least.

EDIT: Ok, it seems the Volume and Exp jacks CAN be used simultaneously! Perhaps one could connect the volume to a loop on an ML5, then use MIDI messages to engage/disengage it just like the other Expression messages?


You tested and it works fine?

I’m buying a trs cable to test it now!!!

I tested the MC side of it, but not the DVP4 jacks yet (I can later, just looked it up in a forum online for now). So how do you plan on using this?

the plan is to use the MC6 to explore the full potential of dvp4, this guy have just one aux output, and it can just be a volume or a expression pedal… But if with the MC6 I can use this as a 2 functions pedal just pressing a footswitch, I will be so happy!!!

Note: HX Stomp can do this, so the MC6 probably can do it too.

Hi. If you want a single expression pedal to serve multiple functions, you can. This video explains how you can do it:

This what you are looking for?