Dub Mode on RC 5 with MC 8

Hi Everyone

I just built a new board around an MC 8 and ML5 and everything is working great, and as expected EXCEPT, I can’t seem to program Dub mode correctly for my RC-5 using the MC8. I have play, stop and other functions working but not dub.

On the RC-5 I have CC#82 setup for Dub mode

On the MC8 I have a preset for Dub with on press 82=127 and then 82=0 and nothing happens. This is the same syntax I setup other functions that work great, I just can’t get Dub to work without using the RC-5 itself.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Most likely it’s Boss being counterintuitive. If you’re using “Dub Mode” as your target that will change how the pedal overdubs (if you want it to dub over the existing track vs overwrite it) rather than actually start recording an overdub.
What’s your goal here exactly for that preset? If the track is playing already then record should work as dub by default. You may need to check settings though in case your midi trials set the Boss to overwrite currently.

Thanks for the quick reply .

I’m trying to replicate the default dub behavior of the pedal itself which is:

Press to go into record
Press to stop record
Press during playback to activate dub mode

So I record a loop, and then layer on top of it while its playing

I’ve got start and stop working on my MC8 as well as clear.

Its just when I set CC#82 to Dub Mode on the RC-5 and setup a corresponding action on the MC 8 nothing is happening.

I’ll have to check how I’m running it on my RC-500 when I get home later today but I do know that Dub Mode is not what you’re looking for. The majority of targets Boss offers don’t do what you’d expect but rather let you change a setting in the menu essentially on the fly. Say for example on one song you want to go from Record to Play then to Overdub (default for the on board switch), but on the next song you want to Record then Overdub without needing to wait for a loop in between or double press. Really seems like Boss has no idea how their customers plan on using their loopers.

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Understood. It def seems like a sub par intergration. I appreciate any insight when you are back in front of your setup.

IIRC on the RC 500 you need to send the same CC# to perform Rec>Play>Dub, and another CC# to Stop>Restart. Totally bonkers and a pain to set up on the MC if you want to have visual feedback that stays in sync.
I don’t own a RC 5 but I think cVarsity is probably right.

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I currently don’t have the Boss on my board so I couldn’t recall in the moment but I actually didn’t have that working via the MC6 (no fault to Morningstar of course). Basically I got frustrated with the lack of midi control and worked it out where I use the actual pedal for recording/dubbing and then I used the MC6 to handle other things like rhythms/FXs, all stop (no more double tapping) or undo (instant undo’s instead of waiting for the hold) etc.
Seems like a simple firmware update or patch and they could make our lives infinitely easier if they gave us usable targets.

ahhh! I see what you guys are saying now. I assumed Dub Mode meant, well, dub! I didn’t realize that in the menus there is a section called Dub mode that has a switchable preference to how Dubs are handled - that’s what I had been assigning to CC#82

So on the RC-5 looks like there is only a command for Rec/Play not Rec/Play/Dub.

Since Rec/Play works as expected, I tried sending the same message again but it doesn’t cause the RC-5 to dub it just initiates playback again (if there is a recording) or starts a recording if there is no loop.

Digging into this a bit more it does look like dub is a missing function. Which seems like a massive oversight by Boss.

I was planning on having the RC -5 at the back of my board, but I guess I can handle it like @cVarsity mentioned and move the pedal up front and use the actual pedal for when I need to dub, just a bummer I was hoping to handle it all on the MC 8.

Yeah, the majority of the Targets you can control via midi are counterintuitive and just change settings. I had been a long time looper who swore by Boss so I was really surprised they miss the mark so hard when I finally started dabbling in midi

The MIDI Dub Mode control isn’t what you are looking for, however, I own an MC6 Pro and it has two relay outputs that can be used to emulate an external footswitch. You run a TRS 1/8" to 1/4" cable from the MC6Pro to the RC-5 control input, and then in the editor choose “Tap NC (normally Closed)” as the action for either the tip or ring. On my RC-5 I set the controls to Rec/Dub and Stop/Tempo and it is working great.
I know that the MC8 doesn’t have relay outputs, but there is the Morningstar Relay Interface that can connect to your Omniports and provide relay outputs.

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