Dual switch lock not working on pages

Hey all,

I have an MC6 pro, and even with the dual switch lock on, it still page scrolls if D+E or E+F are pressed.

Any one else having this problem? I have a workaround, but it’s not ideal. It’s just cut and pasting across pages and heaps of extra programming is needed to get everything to behave correctly.

The banks aren’t changing on A+B or B+C, so double switch lock is working fine for the banks scroll.

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Yes, it currently does not work for D+E and E+F. It’s an oversight on our part - we’ll get it fixed in the next update.

Awesome! I thought as much. Not much slips past you guys.

Such an amazing pedal though. It has been a game changer for my pedal board.

Love your work James.

This is actually a feature for me! I often accidentally switch banks on the bottom row, but it’s rarer that I would double press the top row. In the past I had to put together weird combinations of Release for the primary functions and Long Press for page changes to preserve the paging functionality, but this can sometimes break other complicated message chains (like when using On First Engage Do Only This for the first “pseudostate”, then Release for primary function and Long Press for secondary/paging). Could we instead turn it into an option to enable dualpress lock for top or bottom row separately? Hahaha

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@Sopporiffic actually, there is an alternative solution which is setting the switch sensitivity to the highest setting, instead of using dual switch lock, so dual switch presses are almost impossible to execute. Still possible, but it needs to be pressed at exactly the same time which is not likely. That way, you have the benefit of dual switch lock + presets executing immediately on switch press.

I actually accidentally discovered this the other night! I turned up the sensitivity to get the faster response, and noticed that it wasn’t accidentally swapping pages. Now I know why!


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Is there any known release date for the update that fixes this?
One of the main reasons I bought the Mc6 pro (except the obvoius ones) was the bigger space between the buttons, since I often accidentally press two buttons at the same time on a busy stage using loopers and whatnot. This is actually a big issue for me and I’m checking the update-info every day to see if this has been fixed.

Otherwise an AWESOME product, and a big upgrade from my old Mc6!

I’m not sure if we will do the update yet as there’s no benefit for this (applying dual switch lock to both top and bottom rows) over just increasing the switch sensitivity to the maximum setting (you’ll get the fastest response time from this). Do let me know how that works for you.

the switch sensitivity workaround doesn’t work for me, I still accidentally hit the two switches and pages change. So as far as I’m concerned an update is needed.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll check this out for the next update

Is the lock feature for the top row of buttons now working in the latest beta firmware? If so, I will update now! The increased sensitivity work around does not really work for me. Please let me know. Thanks!