Dual switch action

I need for dual switch, not press action but double tap. Or lock unlock dual switch press action with easily way (in a preset).
I control my Roland Integra-7 with MC8, play synth chords.
Thanks a lot

Instead of using the dual switch lock, you can use Looper mode instead which works similarly. You can program a preset to engage and disengage looper mode

So I unlock dual switch and use looper mode for bank down or bank up.
Can you give me an example of program a preset for that?
Thanks a lot

When the controller is in looper mode, the switch sensitivity is set to the highest setting so MIDI messages are sent immediately on Press.

You’ll just need a preset to toggle in and out of looper mode, something like this:

I play chords with 8 switches. So maybe double tap action for looper mode. Or Long double tap.