Double tap to change banks breaks single press

I want to change banks using a double press on a switch that is also set for a single press that sends PC numbers to two devices. It seems to work until I go to a bank above and then come back down to this current bank. At that point, the single press acts like the double and goes down a bank. Confused at this point. Any help is appreciated.

So I enable duel switch lock and my double tap to change banks is working. A problem I’m having is that the single press on the same switch only works intermittently. when I come in from a bank above or below, then use the single press for my program change, the single press initiates a bank down. I can’t figure out the exact sequence that causes this. It almost seems like a timing issue, but I wait a few seconds and still get it to happen. Very strange as it’s not consistent.

Can you post a screenshot of how its programmed? Also do you have Looper Mode engaged? Not sure but that may be interfering with the double press causing weirdness.

Herer you can see the bank up and bank down for button A and B. The preset above and below is set up the same way.

You’re disconnected from the editor when trying the jump, yes? Certain Functions Are Not Working

Any bank messages set that might be causing this?

Try ‘release’ and ‘long press release’ instead of ‘press’ and ‘long press’.

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Good shout, I’d missed that! Your preset B is going to trigger messages one and two on every press. When stacking two different actions on the same switch, refer to this: Action Type List

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OK. I set preset A to Release / Long press release ans preset B to release. That seems to be working now. Thanks for the help.

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