Double Tap is engaging the preset

I’m having an issue where I have a Double Tap action assigned to jump to a bank, but it is also engaging the Press action on the first tap. What can I do to avoid this?

Change the “press” action to a “release” had to do this to all my presets. Press is activated always but using the release will keep the Double Press from triggering the Release.

Interesting. Thanks!

Would changing the double taps to long presses work also or would the press action be triggered on a long press, too?

My understanding is the Press action is always activated. You should be able to use a Release in place of Press for just about every instance. I have seen people use Press for one command and Release as a second command but most use cases I’ve seen could just add a delay between the first and second commands and just use Release action types. If that makes any sense?

That does help. Thanks!

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I posted this in your other thread but for anyone else browsing… gives a useful table of the action hierarchy