Does the Preset Manager work with the MC6 Mk1?

My MC6 is updated to v2.6.1. I’ve tried both versions of the Preset Manager & get transmission errors on both. I’ve tried different usb cables. The editor software works fine. Any ideas?

Hey there! No it does not. We only built the preset manager after the MKII was released.

Your download page is really confusing. It’s actually labelled as “MC6 Mk1 Preset Manager”.

Ah, my apologies! I was confused for a bit. Yes, the Preset Manager does work with the MKI.

I’m on v2.6.2 beta and managed to do a full controller dump. Do note that you need to manually toggle the device into editor mode.

What function were you trying to do which resulted in the Transmission Error? Do you have any MIDI software open?

OK. I did not know about the “manual edit mode” step. I’ll try again tomorrow & report back.

OK, I updated to 2.6.2 beta. I manually entered edit mode.

With either version of Preset Manager, I can use the BANK UP or DOWN function.

If I try to download the current bank, the MC6 will display “SYSEX BANK DUMP” for a moment & then display “SYSEX TIME OUT”

If I try to download the entire controller, the MC6 will display “UPLOADING 30” for a moment & then display “SYSEX TIME OUT”

In both cases, the Preset Manager will give a “Data Transmission Error”.

What do I do now?

Can you confirm the preset-manager version you are using? Is it v1.0.2? Also, what platform are you using? Is it MacOS or Windows?

If you have the MIDI editor open or any other MIDI apps, can you try closing it?

I can confirm it’s working fine on MacOS Catalina. Ill try it on Windows 10 tomorrow.

I’ve tried both v0.0.0 & v1.0.2 of the software.

No other midi apps running.

I’m on Windows 10.

James, were you able to get it to work with Windows 10?

hey @wedgehed, I was not able to get it to work on Windows 10, although it worked on my Mac. I think I’m facing the same issue as you. I need some time to dig into the problem though.

@james Any update on the MC6 mk1 and the Preset Manager on Win10??

I tried compiling it for Windows10 but encountering some errors. I’ve not looked through it since then though. I’ll try again this week.