Does the ML10X have muted switching capability?


I just received my new ML10X and have 4 drive pedals hooked up to it (Wampler, SL drive, Soldano, Rat). Whether I set each drive as a separate preset or use the native commands from the MC6 Pro to engage and turn off loops, there is an audible clicking sound when switching. This is also present using the buttons on the ML10X itself. The switching sound is obviously amplified by the gain pedals, because if I turn off the gain pedals and do the switching, there is very little noise.

Perhaps I’m being presumptive, but I assumed this unit would have this feature since its little brother has it. While I like what I’m seeing here, I’m not completely sold on the ML10X at this point.

I don’t have the gain or volume of each pedal at crazy levels either.

Oh, and just wanted to mention I have the spillover tails disabled on the presets and also for each tip in the editor, thanks.

My apologies, when I was searching I thought this forum article was talking about the ML5. But the individual was having an issue similar to me it appears the ML10X does not have a muted switching feature.

I’m wondering if there are plans to add in a future firmware update. I like this new device except for how it’s behaving with overdrive pedals.

The ML10X does not have a muted switching feature. We can look into the possibility of adding one, though we can’t confirm how well it will work yet.

Just for me to better understand the issue - the noise only occurs when you switch? When the ML10X is not switching, there is no noise? Just want to clarify if it is a ground loop noise or switching noise.

Hi James,

Luckily there’s no ground loop noise. But your question made me think about each pedal and if the problem might reside there. I removed the ML10X from the whole setup and plugged each overdrive pedal into the amp directly. I don’t think the click is due to the switcher. One pedal in particular has a small click when it’s engaged and I was using this one to drive the others further when they were hooked to the switcher. The click is no louder with or without the ML10X (and probably not noticeable except for us crazy musician types) and a couple pedals have no switching sound in or out of the switcher.

I messed around with some different pedal orders and there is no click, plus the sounds I achieved were better than I expected. I would have never thought to put a Soldano pedal before an SL Drive, but it sounds great!

I think I’m a happy camper now.