Does anyone have an entirely separate set of banks for mono and stereo?

I have a Polymoon wired stereo into a Mercury7, and I’ve noticed that summing multi-tap delays on the Polymoon to mono never sounds quite right – when I get a ping-pong delay with two taps sounding really perfect in stereo and save the preset, the repeats just sound uneven when I’m only using one amp, and it’s better to dial in a single-tap delay and halve the time.

So I’m currently considering changing my setup so in Bank 1 I can select MONO or STEREO, each option jumping to its own homepage, and each of THOSE leading to a set of banks that are nearly identical except with presets optimized for mono or stereo usage…

Seems like it’ll be some work to program everything but might be worthwhile.

Sounds like a perfect scenario for a strategy posted by @jmenkinng in the thread for the new Shift feature: