Does an online library exist for Morningstar device settings?

Hey all! Being new to the MC8, one thing that’s been very helpful is when people post screenshots of their Desktop Editor settings/presets. Getting midi to do what you want is convoluted at times, especially for us newbs, and the pictures help me “get it” a lot easier than a long explanation does.

Is there some sort of online repository for these - either on this website or elsewhere - where people could post common setups for particular actions on the midi controllers? A lot of my setup ideas are trial and error at the moment, with error being the most common outcome. Thanks for reading!

I haven’t really came across a lot of common use step by step tutorials (with screenshots). I don’t think it is because people are stingy with their knowledge, it’s probably because users create a preset to fill a need and then get busy with moving on to getting the next one done and so on. And when they get to the end they don’t want to dive into going through those presets again for a while.
It’s usually when someone has a particular problem, and someone is knowledgeable with that particular midi gear that they help out with some screenshots to clear things up.
There are some youtube videos where people walk through their Morningstar rig in use. They are useful to help spark ideas that you can apply to your own. I found this video fascinating when I came across it long ago. MIDI EVERYTHING! How I use the Morningstar MC8 - YouTube
I’ve really wanted to make a in-depth video of my rig, but just never have got around to it. Mainly because of changing up how I have the presets set up on my morningstars or because I often tear apart my pedalboard and recreate it in a totally new way.

I’ve been using my Morningstar stuff for over a year and the base of my knowledge is from starting with simple ideas and then coming back and refining the program and workflow over and over and over again.

In short, watching lots of tutorials/blogs and starting simple and refining over and over will get you where you want to go.