Document SYSEX messages or JavaScript programming module

I’ve purchased a MC8 and am very happy with it.

It’d be great to have a list of sysex messages used to program the device, so that alternative programming means could be used (for example, setting default incrementing CC values to all the banks for easier map/programming).

It’d be great if there was a way to change the text on the screen via on the fly messages ; such as from a max-for-live patch.

If possible, this could allow someone to write, for example, an Ableton Looper pedal that provided better visual feedback, on the MC8.

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This is in the pipeline (no timeline yet), mainly for other companies to integrate their products.

We’ll publish a SysEx API doc for this.


That would be amazing :slightly_smiling_face:

This would be great - i for one would love to have a crack at a completely textual language (DSL) for programming it, so that i could use some common abstractions for patterns / conventions in programming the MC-series devices