Do i have a mk 1 or mk 2

do i have a mk 1 or mk2

i bought a second hand version advertised as mk 2 - however the enclosure is black not grey

however when using the editor i do have the option of using different button presses and have the ability to store 16 messages per button

the unit is also on firmware 3.6.1 and the device states mk2 when powering on

i thought mk 2 came with a grey enclosure

is this the color of your MC6? This is a mk2. If you are comparing it to the image on the web site and thinking it is grey, that might be what is throwing you off. (The fine lines in the metal look to be reflecting the bright light and lightening the image color)
I also own the MC8 and it is identical in color to my MC6.

cheers for the helpful photo

yes mine is the same color as the one in your hand

great it is a MK2

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