Displaying Kemper tuner

I have an MC8 and Kemper. I have set up preset H to display the Kemper’s tuner. I have both the MIDI in and out connections and have disabled MIDI thru on the MC* as Morningstar have recommended.

When I first power up my Kemper and hit my tune switch the tuner will display on my MC8 with no issue but once I exit i struggle to get the tuner to display again. It might work 5 times in a row but then stop. It will always engage the kemper tuner display but not the MC8 display.
If i restart the Kemper and MC8 it will work again maybe once, maybe a few times before stopping again.

This obviously isn’t ideal for a live situation where the kemper is in a rack behind my cabs. I went for the MC8 for the small form factor and the fact I could display my tuner but maybe I should have stuck with a kemper remote?

Which switch did you use to program the Kemper tuner function? So the MC8 display did not change at all when you try to engage it?

Swith H is my tuner switch.

The kemper tuner comes on and displays on the kemper display but not always shows on the MC8

Thanks for the info. I’m reviewing the code, and the only thing that can make that happen is if Switch D is pressed accidentally (which exits the Kemper tuner function). Do you think that is a possibility in your setup?

I’ll spend some time testing the function again next week in office.

Hi James,

I should clarify, the tuner page always comes up on the MC8 but the actual tuner does not display.

Another issue I seem to get only after using the tuner the first time is that as i scroll through the 4 presets I have programmed on A-D, the bank will suddenly change to a random bank. I don’t have anything programmed on the preset to change bank. It also then doesn’t want to manually change bank with the scroll so have to power down and restart to go back to bank 1 (my only bank)

Thanks for the info. Can you do a bank dump of your settings and send them to us via email help@morningstarfx.com? Just the settings of that 1 bank will do. Will load it in to check

Received the data, thanks!

I think I might know the issue. The Kemper and your MC8 is probably on the same MIDI channel? Can you try changing the MC8 to a different MIDI channel? Also, be sure to turn MIDI Thru OFF on the MC8.

Thanks James, I will try this.
I know the Kemper is set to Omni channel and the MC8 is 1. I will set them individually.

I am having issues with the Kemper tuner using wireless midi. I am using the CME Widi Jack on the MC6 Pro, and the Widi Master on the Kemper. I am able to use the tuner wired, but wirelessly I get the No tuner data message on the MC6 Pro. Other midi messages are being sent wirelessly to the Kemper successfully.

Any ideas?

Currently, this one works with the DIN5 outputs on the MC6 PRO. Is that what you are using, or are you using the 3.5mm outputs?