Display song titles from Ableton when launched

So i’m trying to figure out if this would be possible. I currently have the MC3 setup similar to this video: The Best Ableton Foot Controller? - Morningstar MIDI Controller - YouTube

Mainly just the scene launch and up and down scrolling with the keystrokes. BUT, i’d like to see if there’s any way to display the song title on the screen when it is launched. I was thinking if each song had a midi clip with a unique PC or CC messages those would output to send back to the MC3, but i dont know how to change any settings for what the MC3 should do with those received messages.

Hope that all makes sense! Thanks for any help!

Hi. External PC or CC messages received by the MC3 will cause the MC3 to jump to banks or engage presets. They cannot be used just to show names. The MC3 MIDI Implementation Chart is show in the manual here: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/367755277/MC3+v3.8#MIDI-Implementation

Gotcha! Thank you, that helps with something else I was curious about.

So is there not any way to trigger display names without changing banks or presets?

Yes that’s right. Bank and preset long names only get displayed when you enter a bank or engage a preset. Only the MC8 has enough screen real estate to show them all the time.