Display Preset labels in a grid at top of editor

Something like this would be handy to have at the top of the editor.

Ideally it would be clickable to select the preset.

Only needs to display the same label as in the Preset dropdown.


This is even more helpful to people who disable the editor from using the buttons to select presets. And it’s much faster to keep your hands on the keyboard/mouse.

I agree, this will be handy, but I don’t have any idea on how to make the UI look nice with this yet. Displaying a modal box will be nicer but that will require an extra click and not visible if the modal box is closed.

with regards to selecting preset, we’ll encourage users to use hotkeys more. Currently, Control + Shift + A will load Preset A into the editor. In the next update, we’ll implement it using 2 keys as well.


The extra click is about the same effort as the drop down menu today. The hotkeys are nice and useful with or without this.

Is the issue with UI how it will look on smaller displays? Not sure I understand the challenge.

How about floating panel that you could leave up for as long as you wanted and do other work?

yes, a draggable panel that can be minimised might be feasible. We can explore that in the future

I think it would look nice with a small mockup of the controller with the labels displayed all the time. But that’s just me … and I was fine with the mockup in the first post (with different colors). :wink:


Good call on the hot keys @james - I started using PCs before mice were common place so shortcuts all the way for me!!

Loving the ideas in this thread.

Agreed. Despite incoming hotkeys (yay!) I still LOVE the idea of a grid of presets permanently on display / clickable.

I don’t think we’ll show an image of the controller in the editor but what we can do is allow users to toggle on/off the preset selection menu, and also move it around. I’ve already tested the function - it’ll be something like this:

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That works! Would this also float over the Midi/Activity Monitor?

Could you possibly change the layout to groups of 2x3 or 2x4 depending which model you have. If easier, it might work if you just make the window resizable and layout to fit.

  • Part of the value of the preview is to see how the display will look. Having them in a simple list prevents that. It’s not just same, especially when to want to see what it looks like when two labels are next to each other.
    • To work the best, I’d recommend omitting the names “Preset A” and just showing the contents of the label (perhaps with a placeholdee in gray if empty. The expression presets might need that label (or leave them out). Perhaps the names are tooltips that popup on hover.
  • It also means you need to mentally think about clicking A for lower left and doing the “math” to find the other ones. These small things do add some cognitive overhead (and this is inherently a usability issue). For some reason I always click A when I want upper left. :wink:

And now that your graciously have started working on this, could we add a way to trigger a press and release from the editor. When edit/testing, I jump to the device and press the physical button. It’s almost always a simple press or release. Could do something more flexible for other types (in the future), but a click covers 90% of my needs. Perhaps this is Control Click to trigger the preset and a normal Click to navigate to the preset?

I think I understand why you were worried about how this would look …, now that I see you also display the second page and the expression presets. I use those less often.

If the editor UI goes on the multiple windows path, I would prefer to be able to open several preset editing windows , and maybe later to be able to copy past between them…

we’ll probably just push this out first and iterate over time. possibly also have a function also to trigger the presets, let’s see. Thanks for the other suggestions, we can look into those in future updates.

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Laying out in a grid was the feature requested.

Would be disappointing to push out just a floating window that is the current single column drowndown menu, but I’m not the one doing the work.

What we wanted to accomplish with this is to allow the easier selection and view of presets in the current bank, which was what I inferred from this request.

The UI aspect to arrange it in a grid for whatever reason - we can’t do that or won’t do that right now. I’d rather have all the presets and exp presets available in the control bar. Maybe there’s a better way to do it - i don’t know yet. that’s why we iterate through feature components.


Very nice, could you also add the Save and Copy/Past/Clear buttons in this floating panel ?
And let the floating windows with a fixed position so it does not scroll when we scroll the presets ?

May be it could be worth the move to push all preset buttons in a similar floating windows which could position where it’s best considering our screen ?

One more little tester comment : could be nice to have the current preset highlighted.

Great update! Having it float or pinned to the screen would be really helpful so you wouldn’t have to scroll as much.

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