Display flashes between ‘exp 99%’ and ‘exp 100%’ with no expression peddle connected

Hi. My MC6 Pro flashes between ‘exp 99%’ and ‘exp 100%’ in the middle section of the right hand screen. Occasionally this will disappear for a while before it comes back. I have nothing attached to the omniports at the back. Apart from the power cable, the only other thing that I have attached is a MIDI cable from the ‘out’ to a Beatbuddy. I have updated to the latest firmware.
Is this flashing normal or have I accidentally done something that I shouldn’t have?


It’s something in the firmware that we can improve on, but for now, you can just switch the Omniport to a different setting like Aux Switch or MIDI Out to get around this.

Thanks James. Good to know it’s nothing serious and that I have done nothing wrong.

A use-case for this would be with something like a patch bay where the expression pedal isn’t always connected. I have come across this recently too. It’s fine when the expression pedal is plugged in.

It would be great if the connected state of the expression pedal could be determined.

I’d like to cover the case where the expression pedal gets forgotten, or breaks. It would also just be an improvement for the case where the expression pedal isn’t connected when things are first powered up.

If this can be detected maybe this would also allow for nominal settings when the exp pedal is detached?

I’d like this too! It’s fairly easy to just change the identity of the omniport when I want to use the expression pedal, but it’d be a nice QOL change