Display expression position on screen

is there a way not to display the expression pedal position on the screen?
I sometimes need to change presets quickly while using exp pedal, so I would prefer not seeing “expression 1 : 56%” e.g.
Hervé (from Belgium)

just add a “#” character as the first character in your expression preset name


OK, nice!! thanks for the quick answer

Feeling dense today… If I wanted that space blank, would this be correct?

yup that is correct, but that’s only for the MC3 and MC6 as the expression display clears the whole screen. For the MC8 there’s no effect

Ah I see! I was thinking there this could a way I could keep Exp3 from showing its status, so that it always displayed Exp4.

While we’re on a vaguely similar subject, is there any current way to disable the text betwixt Preset A and Preset E? During performance I find it’s nice to have as little clutter as possible.

Let me think if it makes sense to do that (regarding not displaying a certain Exp).

Regarding the second topic, yes we have planned for a “Focus Mode” for the MC8 which essentially just omits the middle 2 rows of info. It was a little tricky to implement at first but with the latest code refactor, we might be able to add in. Not sure if v3.9 yet though - there’s just too many things to add - we’ll never release it at this rate :joy:

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You ain’t kidding, this one is truly huge!